You choose the career,
together we chart the path.

Update, July 5, 2022: Currently, not accepting applications for intake.

College & Career Readiness Programs



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  • GED to Careers Program

    For Philadelphia residents between 17-24 years old. Earn your GED and prepare for a career. See this page for more information or contact Roland Williams at (215) 568-2220 ext. 5407 or

  • GED & Foundation Programs

    These courses provide the foundational knowledge to pass the GED and refresh high school academics along with building necessary computer skills.

    Classes include:


    Math and Language Arts

    Required Grade Level - Up to 5.9


    Math and Language Arts

    Required Grade Level 6.0-8.9


    Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies

    Required Grade Level 9.0

  • Transition Bridge Programs

    Are accelerated and a contextualization of course work focused on supporting adult students in gaining the skills needed to obtain a job, retain a job, compete for better jobs all while building reading and math skills to prepare for admission into post-secondary programs.

    Pharmacy Tech
    Child Development Associate
    Behavior Health
    Home Health Aide
    Nurse Aide
  • Pre-Nursing Bridge

    Part-time classes in English, Mathematics and Science to help students upgrade their academic skills and gain the proficiency necessary to succeed in passing TEAS test for nursing and other technical training and college degree programs.

  • College Bridge: Pre-College Writing/Pre-College Algebra

    These classes provide college level writing and algebra instruction to help students upgrade their skills and prepare for the College Entrance Exam.