You choose the career,
together we chart the path.

I would describe the Training Fund in three words: Supportive, Inspiring, Connective

Interview with Kimberly Pham


How did you start at the Training Fund?
I got connected because my friend was going there for the CNA program and she told me they do GED testing as well. It took me close to a year to complete the program. I did a year of refresher courses to prepare and be confident to take the GED. We would take practice tests regularly to get us use to what we were going to see in the exam. It was collaborative with other students, but they made sure they would assist us with individually weaknesses. It wasn’t all at one pace, but more self-pace within a collaborative environment. After I completed the GED program, I did transition into college where I received my associate’s degree.

How has your life changed?
I am still growing up as we speak, but being in that environment started to make me change my mindset for what I wanted to do with my life. Where I see myself going. It changed my thinking and my attitude. People in that building have high expectations for you, you want to succeed for them. I can not tell you how much the Training Fund has been helpful, it is an experience I will never regret. I know this experience made me who I am today. It was a change agent for me. They always make you feel special.

Prior to the Training Fund, people thought I was going to continue to screw up. When you are a teenager you make a lot of impulsive decisions, cause you think you know it all. Until you learn it on your own. They (the Fund) let you know they are by your side trying to assist you to complete what you need to get done.

What would you tell others about the Training Fund?
The programs and services vary, it isn’t just health-related. It lets people pick up where they left off. They really are an organization that is for the people. Everything is really not revolved around what they have offer, but how we can best serve you. It is not just the services they provide, but it is the people who deliver it. They are caring at a personal level.