You choose the career,
together we chart the path.

Young Adult

Educating & Inspiring Philadelphia's Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals Through Real Workplace Experiences

Training Fund Youth Programming opens the door to the full spectrum of life skills, and offers students exposure to dynamic, comprehensive real-world situations. This not only includes the In School, Out of School and Summer programs, but also participation in career fairs, internships, employer panel programs and tours of local hospitals and nursing homes.

We offer a holistic educational experience based on each student's personal, academic and/or career goals. We present them with ways to:

  • Discover who they are and where they want to go
  • Define what it will take to get there
  • Act to turn their dreams into reality

Level-specific and culturally sensitive curricula encourage students to become active participants in their own learning pathways – from college prep to career prep. Our faculty objectives:

  • Provide a safe, clean and organized educational environment
  • Engage students through quality, youth-focused, hands-on education
  • Share in the learning process with students and co-facilitator 

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  • Free Young Adult Nurse Aide Training Program
    Out of School Program

    Cohort 34 for Nurse Aide (Youth) is scheduled to begin August 2019.
    Testing, Information Sessions, interviews, and enrollment will begin the first week of June.

    Contact the Philadelphia Works Nurse Aide Program Case Manager, Sherette Campbell, for more information at 215-568-2220 ext. 5404.

    Ages 17 to 24

    Occupational training and contextualized academic enrichment qualifies participants to sit for the Red Cross Competency Exam. Achieving passing grades places students on the Pennsylvania State Nurse Aid Registry, and qualifies them or assistance in finding employment.

    Learning opportunities include classroom activities, nursing skill laboratories and clinical experience in a long-term care facility. About 95% of students receive an employer-recognized credential, and more than 80% go on to post-secondary education or full-time employment.

    How to Enroll

    • The first step towards enrollment is to attend a testing session.
    • Testing is every Friday at 10 am. You should plan to arrive at least thirty minutes ahead of time to complete some paperwork.
    • Plan on roughly three hours for the test.
    • The test consists of math, reading, and language.
  • GED® to Health Careers Program
    Out of School Program

    Ages 17 to 24

    Out-of-school youth receive academic instruction and support geared to assist them in obtaining their GED and transitioning into a post-secondary institution. Life skills, college readiness, career exposure, and computer technology are also addressed throughout the program. Students participate in job fairs and career panels, and go on college tours and other field trips.

    Approximately 80% of students receive their GED, matriculate into college, gain an industry-recognized credential and/or enter into employment.

    These courses provide the foundational knowledge to pass the GED and refresh high school academics along with building necessary computer skills.

    For more information, please contact Roland Williams at 215-568-2220.

    Classes include:


    Math and Language Arts

    Required Grade Level - Up to 5.9


    Math and Language Arts

    Required Grade Level 6.0-8.9


    Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies

    Required Grade Level 9.0

  • Summer Youth Career Exposure Program
    Are you a rising 8th grader? Are you interested in a career in Philly's largest industry?

    Come participate in a SIX WEEK dynamic summer program!


    • Paid work experience

    • Exposure to careers in healthcare

    • Guest speakers

    • Field trips

    • Creation of a service learning project


    • Philadelphia residents only

    • Must successfully complete application

    • Students entering the 8th grade – ages 13-15

    For more information, please call (215) 568-2220 ext 5424 to speak with Program Coordinator, Michelle Kerr-Spry. Recruitment will begin in April.